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6 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

While every day is a great day to show the people you care about how much they mean to you, Valentine’s Day is probably one of the best! Whether you’re enjoying time with your girlfriends, your children, or your honey - or even treating yourself to a wonderful day of self care - here are six of our favorite inexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas to help you celebrate love in comfort.


1. Bake and decorate some delicious cookies.

There’s nothing like a tasty dessert on Valentine’s Day, and there are so many quick and easy cookie recipes out there to choose from. Whether you make simple sugar cookies with sweet decorative frosting, or try a decadently delicious red velvet variety, cookie baking can be such a fun activity for you and your loved ones - and is the perfect excuse to try out that new recipe you’ve had bookmarked for months!


2. Host a movie night at home.

Taking the whole family out to the movies can get complicated - and expensive. A fun way to spend time together without breaking the bank is to host a movie night of your own right at home! Depending on who’s joining you for movie night, you can choose a romantic comedy or family-friendly favorite. Supply the snacks (conversation hearts popcorn, anyone?), cozy up in your Fuzzy Babba slipper socks, and kick back in the comfort of your home. Ahhhh….


3. Go out to eat for Valentine’s Day breakfast or lunch, instead of dinner.

Dinner at a restaurant is typically more expensive than breakfast or lunch, and especially on Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to treat yourself to a chef-cooked meal, save money by looking through the breakfast or lunch menus at restaurants you know you love to find your best Valentine’s Day choice. If you’d rather stay in than go out, you can even host your own brunch party at home!


4. Have a cozy date night in.

If it’s just you and your boo having Valentine’s Day together, enjoy a quiet and cozy night in with one of these stay at home date ideas:

  • Have an indoor picnic, complete with a blanket, mini sandwiches and charcuterie.
  • Make a “thing I love about you” jar to remember how much you matter to each other.
  • Play some board games, or solve a challenging puzzle together.
  • Sample some of your favorite wine or sparkling cider, and slow dance to sweet music.

You could really participate in these date night activities any time during the year, but there’s something so special about celebrating your love and life together on Valentine’s Day!


5. Go ice skating at the frozen pond or local rink.

If you’d like to get out of the house and enjoy some cool, fresh air on Valentine’s Day, head over to the local rink for an afternoon of ice skating! This inexpensive Valentine’s Day idea is just as much of a date activity as it is an opportunity for family fun, or even a refreshing few hours of alone time.


6. Get your craft on with a fun and affordable DIY night.

Home decorations and Valentine’s Day gifts can get quite expensive. For a personal, heartfelt touch to gifting, invite friends and family over to create DIY crafts for themselves and each other. Here 

  • Create a “cozy night in” gift basket complete with eye mask, bubble bath, face mask, Fuzzy Babba slipper socks and a scented candle.
  • Make your own floral bouquet with fresh or artificial flowers - it’ll be cheaper and more heartfelt than paying for a fancy designer arrangement!
  • Paint decorative signs for your home in the modern farmhouse style.
  • Make homemade greeting cards; the ones you love will surely appreciate the extra effort and personal touch.


Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations don’t have to break the bank to be meaningful and fun. No matter what you decide to do for the holiday, we hope these inexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas help you feel inspired to feel the love!


What are some of your favorite inexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas? What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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