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Hosting a Brunch Party: Fun Ideas and Delicious Recipes

It’s super fun to go out to a restaurant for brunch, but all of those yummy waffles and tasty mimosas can add up pretty quick. Just because you’re saving doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice, though - consider hosting a brunch party of your own!

Below are some of our favorite recipes and tips for hosting a brunch party so yours will be a success!


You’ll be so stressed if you are forced to throw together a menu at the last minute. Flex those time management muscles and plan in advance! Try to decide on your menu one to two weeks in advance, and include an even mix of sides and mains.

Seeking inspiration? Here are some crowd-pleasing dishes:

Avocado Toast

This popular brunch dish is surprisingly filling, and always a favorite.


Pancakes are a classic. What’s best about them is that you can add your own special touch.

Blueberry-Lemon Muffins

A little sweet and a little tart, the combination of fresh blueberries and lemon give these muffins an irresistible flavor!

Farmhouse Hash with Pot-Poached Eggs

This very tasty recipe has a little spice, and comes together in under 30 minutes.

Penne with Treviso and Goat Cheese

This savory delight is a fun alternative to the popular Penne alla Vodka dish.

French Toast

Delicious and super sweet, honestly, is it even brunch without French toast?

    Brunch Spread


    A big part of brunch is the drinks the meal comes paired with! The citrusy-sweet mimosa is a classic, but there are so many other flavorful options out there, too.

    Raspberry Sunrise Mimosa

    Super pretty, but not too pretty to drink.

    Lazy Sunday Mimosa

    This is a tropical twist on the classic.

    Peach Ginger Bellini

    Ginger adds some zing to this beloved Italian cocktail.

    Sparkling Rosemary Limeade

    This non-alcoholic drink is sweet with a hint of grounding herbal flavor.

    Mimosa Drink


    A themed brunch can create a fun, cohesive, and memorable experience for you and your guests! Whether you’re hosting a brunch party in honor of a special occasion, to celebrate a holiday, or just because you want to show your love, thoughtful touches like a seasonal menu or handmade decorations are a great way to make an impact.

    Here are some brunch themes that could make for a meaningful time together:

    New Year’s Brunch

    After all the excitement of New Year’s Eve, celebrate the first day of the new year by hosting a brunch party that’s relaxing and low key.

    Galentine’s Day Brunch

    Pops of pink and perfect petals are a great way to celebrate love with all of your favorite girls.

    Easter Brunch

    Spring has sprung with this adorable theme! Even the Easter Bunny will be coming back for seconds of these seasonal delights.

    Mother’s Day Brunch

    Whether you’re hosting only mom, your in-laws, or everyone in the family, delicate details and a spring-inspired menu make this a Mother’s Day Brunch to be proud of.

    Welcome Summer Brunch

    Get inspired with tips on how to bring the outdoors in with a celebration of the sunniest season! Open up the windows and let the light shine in!


    Brunch Theme on Fuzzy Babba Blog



    The best part about hosting a brunch party is that you get to spend time with the people you care about in the comfort of your home! Everyone can kick off their shoes, and just enjoy each other’s company, and that’s what makes it worth it.

    What are your favorite brunch activities, foods and drinks? Tell us below in the comments!

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