Slipper Socks to Match Your Zodiac Sign

Slipper Socks to Match Your Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac signs have been around for centuries (in fact, they’re dated back as far as 400 BC!). Nowadays, people look to astrology for both spiritual guidance and lighthearted entertainment.

Astrology can help us find answers about ourselves, our love lives or our careers - or even seek comfort and meaning during a difficult time. It’s amazing how often our personality quirks match up to those of our Zodiac sign, and how spot-on our horoscopes can be!

Read on to discover slipper socks that are the perfect match for your Zodiac sign.

 Reversible Sequin Slipper Sock by Fuzzy Babba

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)

As an Aquarius, you take pride in having high standards and in your originality. Your bright personality will truly shine in a pair of our Fuzzy Babba women’s glam reversible slipper socks. They’re fun and playful, and will certainly capture all the attention in the room!

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 Seashell Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

If you’re a Pisces, your sweet and gentle spirit probably comes along with a love for music and the arts. Imagine yourself wearing a pair of seashell slipper socks and listening to the sound of crashing waves. Ahhhh...

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Bear Plaid Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

As an Aries, you are confident, bold and ambitious - kind of like a blazing fire! You are a natural leader, and can achieve anything you put your mind to. Honesty and comfort are a big part of who you are; plaid print slipper socks will help you to feel super cozy and happy all year long.

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 Sloth Print Chill Kit by Fuzzy Babba


If you’re a Taurus, you’re probably known for being thoughtful, focused and also very patient. As someone who celebrates the beauty of everything around you, a sloth print chill kit will help you relax and enjoy an afternoon of self care!

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Cloud Glow in the Dark Dreamy Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba


As a Gemini, you’re an adaptive, outgoing, intelligent air sign - and are probably daydreaming about something wonderful right now! Even though you’re a natural social butterfly, you also enjoy taking time to relax. Cloud-like slipper socks that glow in the dark would be a perfect match for you.

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 Sweet Sparkle Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba


If you’re a loyal and sensitive Cancer, you probably have many friends who really love your company. For someone who’s all about creating comfortable, cozy spaces, a pair of sweet sparkle slipper socks are a treat after a long day and a relaxing bath.

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Fierce Fox Booties Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba


You’re fierce as a lion, Leo. Known for being a natural-born leader, you’re protective of your loved ones and are all about being the center of attention! You’ll be comfy (and get tons of compliments) when you switch out of your sky-high heels and into a pair of bright, fluffy booties.

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Cozy Nap Set with Fuzzy Socks and Eye Mask by Fuzzy Babba


As a Virgo, you’re the most hard working person in the room - and you know it! You’re down to earth, gentle, caring and so super organized that you were probably known as the “mom” of your friend group when you were younger. Plan some relaxation from your on-the-go lifestyle with a cute, cozy nap set!

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Panda Bear Chenille Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba


If you’re a diplomatic Libra, it’s probably very easy for you to get lost in a daydream about the future. You’re kind, mellow and friendly - much like a sweet panda bear. Have a peaceful rest in a comforting pair of chenille slipper socks.

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Black Cat Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba


Scorpio, you’re a strategic thinker and a resourceful go-getter who also loves a lazy Sunday. As curious as a cat, and super fearless too, you’ll enjoy kicking back and relaxing in a stretchy pair of black cat slipper socks.

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Fluffy Unicorn Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba


As a Sagittarius, your generous and giving spirit makes you a true joy to be around! You love to have the freedom for adventure - and your adaptable nature makes you a great travel partner. A fluffy pair of unicorn slipper socks is sure to inspire your inner philosopher!

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Black Mules Slipper Socks by Fuzzy Babba


You’re realistic and practical, Capricorn, and your coworkers surely admire your determination. A pair of functional mules in the color that goes with everything (black!) would be a great choice for you, because you can enjoy them all year long.

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Did we get it right?! Which styles would you pick for your Zodiac sign? Tell us in the comments!



Thanks for your comment, Meg! Happy to hear approval from a Virgo!

Team Fuzzy Babba

Thanks for your comment, Mary! Appreciate the lion recommendation!

Team Fuzzy Babba

I didn’t quite get the choice for Leo the lion other than the color possibly. I don’t care for orange at all especially when it somewhat relates to Donald Trump. (Ha, Ha!) A lion on a pair of slippers would fit perfectly

Mary Rogge

I’m a Virgo and this was spot on! How fun!!


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