Our Story

Our Name

The original Fuzzy Babba slipper sock combined “fuzzy” feeling terry cloth with
our “Babba” -- plushious, squishy material that’s super soft and fluffy, just like a sheep’s wool! To put it simply, it’s “Fuzzy” for the fuzzy outside and “Babba” like the sheep!
The name made us smile, and our customers became attached to it, too. Even though we’ve expanded our offerings beyond the style that started it all, it’s not unusual to hear you guys adoringly refer to your many pairs of "Fuzzy Babbas!"

Our Guiding Principles

Trust & Respect

We believe that the healthiest relationships are those built on trust. We commit to being open, honest, and respectful.

Inner Happiness

We believe in building products, relationships, and experiences that make our customers smile super wide on the inside with that “warm and fuzzy” feeling.


We believe in bringing the “ahhhh” factor to simple, everyday moments, as well as providing comfort and love through life’s more difficult moments.


We exist to provide exceptional value to our customers every single day through all of our interactions, service, and products

Care and Kindness

We believe in treating every interaction with kindness and attentiveness. We set out to take good care of our customers, always.


We believe in keeping those around us protected by maintaining a mindset centered on safety and functionality. While there can be fun where a little risk is involved, there’s never any fun in danger, and we recognize that.


We believe in the thrill of discovering something new and/or unexpected. After all, variety can serve as the spice of life!


We believe that every challenge has a purpose, and that taking a moment to enjoy all of the wonders that surround us are what truly feeds the soul!


About Fuzzy Babba

For all of the busy people on a budget who believe in the cozy moments that make a happy life, Fuzzy Babba is the trustworthy brand that creates comfort-focused products to hug your feet and bring you (and your loved ones) joy.

We do this through affordable designs that

  • Have a consistent, perfect fit (on your feet and in your life)
  • Suit every style and personality
  • Bring you and your loved ones nothing but sheer joy


What makes a Fuzzy Babba?

Fuzzy Babba can be experienced cohesively and consistently everywhere. Containing distinguishing elements (“fluff marks”), it becomes easier for you to identify the brand, no matter where you find it!

 The parts of a fuzzy babba: a flexible shape, soft fuzzy outer, bottom grippers to keep you from slipping, and a soft "babba" inner.

Every Fuzzy Babba product is made with time, safety, and comfort in mind!               

What makes a fuzzy babba? It's machine washable, has safety dots non-slip grippers, is fluffin affordable, and is so fuzzin' cozy 

Easy to Care for:

Accidents happen! As a result of this, all of our products are designed to not only be extremely durable, but machine washable as well! No need to thank us for saving you the blood pressure spike in the event of a serious spill on your beloved Fuzzy Babbas, the pleasure is all ours! Now go pop them in the washer so you can get back to cozy time ASAP. 😊

Safety first:

Making it easy for you to slip and fall? No way, that's fluffed up!

We wear-test to ensure every product we sell fits well and performs well, which is why all Fuzzy Babbas are made with Safety Dots® bottom grippers to help prevent slipping. 

Better value:

Fuzzy Babba is not the “fall apart after the first wear” type of affordable product. Our goal is to bring you high quality products that you will love for years to come while maintaining an affordable price point! 

So fuzzin' cozy:

Through dreamy-soft materials that are comforting to the touch, fun prints and patterns that remind you of cozy days even during those "what the fluff" moments, we always design with the “ahhhh” factor in mind.


The Fuzzy Babba Difference

Always soft, cozy, warm, and easy to care for – there’s a Fuzzy Babba product to fit every style and personality. Our products are designed with love in NYC, by a team that’s committed to making you smile on the outside, while giving you that “warm and fuzzy” feeling on the inside. At the heart of our creative process lies the question: Does this product have the “ahhhh” factor?


All about the “ahhhh”

Fuzzy Babba is the wholeness in your heart when the doors are locked and everyone’s tucked into bed at night. It’s switching to sweatpants after a long day at the office. It’s a phone call with the best news. It’s cozying up by the fireplace, a great big hug, and sweet puppy kisses. It’s the unique, overwhelming feeling of joy that comes from being comfy and cozy. To put it simply: that’s the “ahhhh” factor, and we set out to recreate it through every product we bring to the market.

Our Parent Company

Fuzzy Babba is a registered trademark owned by High Point Design!

History of High Point Design

Founded in 1982, High Point Design is a fashion house that focuses exclusively on hosiery.

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been solely dedicated to hosiery, utilizing our category expertise to create the highest quality, most innovative products and provide “best-in-class” service for our customers. We are humbled by and proud of our reputation as an industry leader and the accolades we have received from our partners over the years.

People | Process | Product

Our team of hosiery experts sets us apart. Across merchandising, sales, sourcing, planning, compliance, and marketing, every one of our 75 professionals is dedicated to our craft, and our craft only. We constantly visit and seek inspiration from international markets around the globe to identify and execute on emerging trends. Season after season, we continue to create innovative new hosiery items, many of which have been patented or trademarked under our name.

High Point Design is the hosiery licensee of choice for many of the country’s top entertainment licensors. Style guides provide us with the springboard for creativity and execution, but the key ingredient in managing each license is to develop each one with a distinct design direction and it’s own point of view. With our solid foundation of fashion intelligence, we immerse ourselves in the DNA of a license and design innovatively to bring characters to life on our products.

As category experts, we take pride in the quality of our products, paying every bit of attention to even the tiniest of details. Our president, Joey Habert, personally reviews all of our production samples, and the production team painstakingly tests their fit, their specs, and their wear to ensure they meet the stringent standards we know are necessary to maintain complete customer satisfaction.

Headquartered in New York City’s fashion garment district and functioning as a division of the Morét Group, we operate with a small-team nimbleness and personal dedication, while enjoying the backbone support of our parent company’s powerful infrastructure in logistics, finance, distribution, and import.