Apples I Fall 2019 Trends and How to Apply Them

Fall 2019 Trends and How to Apply Them

Fall is officially here, and that means pumpkin spice lattes, plaid everything, beautiful foliage and that deliciously crisp feeling in the air.  We just love this time of year, especially fashion wise, because everything seems to feel as cozy as a great big hug!

Read on for our favorite fall 2019 trends and how to apply them.


Tie your look together this season with a statement-making cape. It’s a trendy alternative to your traditional winter coat that will keep you feeling just as warm and snuggly. You can wear a comfy cape to add some visual interest to your everyday look, and also to make a big statement over fancy dresses on a night out.

School Girl Skirts

School uniforms are so nostalgic, and bring back memories of childhood happiness and fun. Nowadays, school girl skirts have made a comeback - and are looking much more grown up! Even if you didn’t want to wear your uniform to school back when you were younger, you’ll love how fresh today’s updates feel (and that you can wear them however you’d like). Versions of this style have been seen on fashion runways from Armani to Versace

Wild Words & Memes

This season’s wacky verbiage and fun, bold prints are inspired by today’s “meme culture” - meaning, the viral spread of information (like words, phrases and images) throughout populations, usually through the internet. You’ll find funny phrases printed on bright backgrounds, cartoon characters cracking jokes - and it seems like nothing is too over-the-top to print! Fuzzy Babba’s WINE TIME slipper socks are a great way to bring this trend into your home, without feeling like you’re going overboard.

Fuzzy Babba Leopard Print Slipper Sock

Spots, Spots, and More Spots

Animal prints keep coming back every season; that’s because they add a pop of personality without being over the top! From headbands, to coats, to pants, to skirts, to tops and even to leopard print slipper socks, you can bring this bold fashion statement to your everyday look from your head to your toes!

Classic Plaids

Would it even be fall without an abundance of plaid? It's a staple print in everyone's closet for a reason: It looks super cozy and just feels so great to wear. If you don’t have a piece of plaid in your collection, fall is the perfect time to add one.

What are your favorite fall 2019 trends? Tell us in the comments!


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