Imagine the end of a long day -- you kick off your shoes, switch into sweatpants, and sink into the couch. The original Fuzzy Babba® for men is a cloud-like, pillow soft cross between a sock and a slipper that recreates that mushy, cushy "ahhhh" feeling. While the original soft slipper style has a fuzzy, terry outer and furry, sherpa inner (hence the name: "Fuzzy" like a towel and "Babba" like a sheep!), there are now a variety of patterns, textures and details that truly suit every personality and style. For the guys who are into basics, we've got muted black, grays, blues and greens in subtle patterns (like camo and skulls and stripes) that still offer visual interest. For movie buffs and popculture superfans, binge on in bright styles with bold details (logo embroidery, superhero capes, you name it) featuring some of the most popular characters from classic movies and television shows. The best men's bedroom slippers are great for home, work, or travel (they'll be at home in your mudroom, desk, and backpack) - and you can find them all right here. With machine washable material and non-slip grippers for safety, you can love them for years to come. Stay cozy!