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Why Wear Slippers at Home?

There’s really nothing better than taking off your shoes after a long day’s work and slipping into your favorite pair of cozy slipper socks - but did you know that wearing slippers at home can do more than just make you feel happy?! 


From health benefits to better productivity to safety, here are our favorite answers to the question: why wear slippers at home?


1. Wearing slippers at home can help keep your house clean.

Think about where you wear your shoes: through the grass, into and out of public restrooms,  on the sidewalk, into accidental puddles, while walking the dog, the list goes on and on. Now, think about what you might step in when you wear your shoes outside: okay, well, we’ll spare you the yucky details.

Your shoes pick up pieces of all the places you’ve been, and when you wear them into your home, you’re bringing a lot of germs in with them. In fact, the bottoms of your shoes can be dirtier than a toilet seat - oh so gross!

Leaving your shoes at the door and opting for a pair of slippers instead can help you to avoid transferring disease-causing bacteria to the floor of your home. And a clean home is a happy home, isn’t it?


2. Wearing slippers at home may help keep you healthy.

Here’s another reason for wearing slippers at home: keeping your feet warm may help you stay healthy! A doctor explained that if your feet are cold, the blood vessels in your nose constrict to slow down the loss of heat from your body. This reduces blood flow to your nose, leaving you with fewer white blood cells, and therefore leaving you less able to fight infections that come in through (and hang out within) your nose!

If you keep your feet warm, by say, wearing slippers or slipper socks, you’re actually making it easier for yourself to fight off infections! Keep this little detail in mind next time you’re trying to save up PTO for your dream vacation.


3. Wearing slippers at home can help keep you from slipping.

This one is a little bit of a no-brainer, but wearing slippers or slipper socks with gripper bottoms gives you an added layer of traction that regular socks don’t usually offer. While it may be fun to slide around the house all Risky Business-style, the fact of the matter is, a slip on hardwood floors can be quite dangerous!

Fuzzy Babba slipper socks have special, trademarked Safety Dots® non-slip gripper bottoms that keep you cozy - and from taking flight! Isn’t it comforting to know that simply wearing your favorite pair of slippers can help prevent an accident at home?!


4. Wearing slippers at home can help you be more productive.

If you work from home, or even if you don’t, isn’t a little boost of productivity always a big help? A study came out a few years ago that claimed wearing slippers to work could boost the moods of employees as well as their productivity - and some schools in the UK have even tried introducing shoeless classrooms!

Slippers help to create a comforting environment, so it makes a lot of sense that you’d be able to think more clearly and get more work done when you’re not worried about or uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. Whether you’re folding laundry or preparing an annual report, work hard with one more reason to wear slippers at home.


5. Wearing slippers at home keeps you comfy and cozy - and looking super cute!

In the past, hard sole slippers came in very few colors, and were rather uninspired. They were mostly super-functional, and left limited opportunity to explore anything new and exciting.

Nowadays, there are so many new silhouettes and fun prints and patterns to try! Slippers and slipper socks are a great way to stay comfy and cozy at home, of course - but they’re also a really special way to express yourself and celebrate your personal style! Whether you want to get glam in velvet or sequins, smile in a cute pair of kitty cat booties, or dance around in a classic - the choice is completely yours thanks to all of the creative, different options out there today.

No matter what pair you choose to wear, and how many you decide to collect, wearing slippers at home will leave you looking super cute!


Let’s settle this debate once and for all. No, it is NOT rude to ask your guests to remove their shoes when they enter your home! However, it might be a little rude to make them walk around in their socks (or worse - barefoot!!) without warning.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to keep several pairs of slippers or a bin of slipper socks at your door, so you can confidently ask your guests to remove their shoes while offering them something comfortable to slip on instead. 

And, hey - If you need some help convincing them why they should make the switch, simply show them this list of all the benefits they’ll get by swapping to slippers!

Do you wear slippers at home? What’s your answer to the question: why wear slippers at home? Tell us in the comments!


Love slippers that have grips on the bottom. Love a pair that will be comfortable in the fl heat
in the summer Esp but also a year round pair.


Love slippers that have grips on the bottom. Love a pair that will be comfortable in the fl heat
in the summer Esp but also a year round pair.


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