What How You Wear Your Slipper Socks Says About You

What How You Wear Your Slipper Socks Says About You

Fuzzy Babbas are best enjoyed indoors. Even though they're machine washable, they still should be handled with care! Sometimes, people like to wear their slipper socks outside of their intended use. Here's what your slipper sock use says about you! If you feel confused by this, check out this moral alignment quiz and then come back and let us know if your style matches your alignment!


Still confused? No worries! Allow us to explain.

Lawful Good:

Wearing your slipper socks inside the house without socks. Washing them when they’re dirty.

You enjoy a good time and know that your slippers are machine washable, so you might as well enjoy the plush inside! You know how to make your Fuzzy Babba slipper socks last, heck, you probably could’ve written the blog on it! Even if you have a furry friend, you know how to keep them from chowing down on your slippers.


Neutral Good

Wearing your slipper socks inside the house with socks.

You know how to make your slipper socks last, but you’re not a strict follower of guidelines. Maybe you didn’t notice that these slipper socks were designed to be worn without socks, or maybe you don’t care! Either way, you’re staying bundled up indoors in double layers.


Chaotic Good

Wearing your slipper socks inside of sandals when going outside.

You love an adventure filled with good-natured fun. You know your slipper socks are perfect for a cozy night in, but you love the snow. You’ll slide those slipper socks right into some sandals and hop on outside, testing the limits of the warm and plushy inside.


Lawful Neutral

Wearing your slipper socks at work.

You believe that comfort is key to success. You probably feel safe wearing uncomfortable shoes to work because you know once you arrive that you can slide on your slippers. These slippers are good for work and plane rides, but you already know that!


True Neutral

Fuzzy B

Head empty, no thoughts, just vibes.


Chaotic Neutral

Wearing your slipper socks like gloves.

You’re free-spirited and independent. You get what you want even if you look silly doing it. We have a lot of questions for you, but you’re probably not paying attention.


Lawful Evil

Wearing your slipper socks in the bath because it’s “technically inside the house.”

 You love to find a loophole. You’re the reason why laws are pages long and why products have so many disclaimers. We’re not judging you, but we do find your choices intriguing.


Neutral Evil

Forgetting your slipper socks exist.

You aren’t exactly what people would call “brand loyal.” You get what you need and are practical about it. You’re the person that has our marketing team stumped.


Chaotic Evil

Wearing your slipper socks like outside shoes. 

If you didn’t read the sign, then you don’t think it applies to you. You’ll likely wear out your slipper socks but find them so comfortable you’ll go and buy another pair. We’re not sure why you want to wear your slippers outside, but hey, we can’t stop you. Live your best life.



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