The Best Gift for Young Families

The Best Gift for Young Families

A baby shower is one of the most exciting moments of a young couple's life. It's a time to celebrate with loved ones, to getwelcome or unwelcomeadvice, and to prepare for their lives to completely change. For party goers, there's one challenge: What do you do when the gift registry is all checked off? 

Slipper Socks

Amidst gifts of diapers made into creative shapes, high tech baby monitors, organic vegan baby care products, and clever onesies, it's easy to feel like any last minute gift is thoughtless, and you wouldn't want to get a duplicate of what someone else already gifted. So take a step back.

It's possible to get them a gift that's for the whole family. It will offer a source of comfort between the party and bringing their little one home, even far after then. Family Bear Slipper Socks

These buffalo check printed slippers embroidered with "Mama Bear" "Papa Bear" and "Baby Bear" are the perfect gift. The non-slip grippers on the bottom help prevent slips and are perfect for keeping their feet warm against cold hard floors! 

It's a thoughtful gift that shows you're thinking of their whole family. It's perfect for photoshoots, cozy days in, and breakfasts together. The bright red color and buffalo check design is a seasonal chameleon which makes it perfect for any holidays!  

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