7 Father's Day Gifts to Mail

Thanks, Dad: 7 Father's Day Gifts to Mail

If you live far away from family or are homebound for health and safety reasons, you might have to get a little creative in order to celebrate the father figures in your life this year. Thankfully, there are a lot of great gifting options out there that can be shipped right to Dad’s door and won’t break the bank!

To help you get your shopping list ready, get inspired by these seven Father’s Day gifts to mail.


1. Help him relax and unwind with a gift basket filled with spa day essentials.

Even the most manly-men in our lives need a little R&R sometimes! If Dad can’t make it to the spa, or simply prefers to pamper himself in the privacy of his own home, why not put together a basket filled with everything he’ll need for a relaxing night in.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Fuzzy Babba slippers for getting cozy (of course!)
  • a soothing candle or oil diffuser
  • body scrub to soften his skin
  • moisturizing lotion

If you don’t prefer to go the DIY route by creating a custom gift package, there are many companies out there with premade options that are still thoughtful and sentimental.


2. Send over a gift card to their favorite local restaurant, or schedule a delivery.

Even if you can’t dine together on Father’s Day, why not send him over some of his favorite foods so he can still enjoy a delicious meal in celebration? Connect with a local restaurant to schedule a drop off at their home, and chat over Facetime as if you were there together. Another sweet way to show you care is to mail over a gift card that can be used any time (perhaps when you can see each other in person next!).


3. Deliver a nice bottle of wine or sparkling cider to enjoy.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than sipping something delicious that’ll help you un“wine” at the end of the day. Send Dad a delicious bottle of his favorite wine, liquor or sparkling cider to sip with dinner, or so that you can all celebrate with it the next time you’re able to be together. He’ll surely appreciate that you are thinking of a tasty way to soothe his soul.


4. Techie dads or grandpas might like a cable organizer to keep all their cords in order.

If Dad is into technology, or just has a lot of different cables and chargers, consider shipping him an organizer so he could store all of his extras in one place. It’s a practical gift that will help him keep the house in order.


5. Personalize an everyday item like a T-shirt or a mug, so they can always think of you when they use it.

You’ve surely seen them year after year, the “I Love Dad” T-shirt or calendar or mouse pad or mug. Even though they can be a little bit cheesy, they’re popular because they’re personal and sentimental, and honestly make super sweet gifts! There are many online companies that offer customization options, and Dad will surely be proud that you took the time to personalize his gift just for him.


6. A book of dad jokes is perfect for the dad with a silly sense of humor.

Dad jokes are those dopey quips you love to hate. If your dad always cracks a quintessential “Dad joke” at the dinner table, why not gift him a book that will help him expand his repertoire. You’ll probably enjoy hearing something new every now and again, too!


7. Send a handwritten note card to express your gratitude.

Even if dad says he’s a tough guy, odds are he’ll still really appreciate receiving a heartfelt note from you. Especially if you don't always openly express your emotions, the fact that you found a way to put your feelings into words would really mean a lot. Whether you choose to send a card on its own, or as part of another gift, a greeting card is a simple gift that has a big impact.

When you’re getting ready to ship a gift to Dad, try your best to double check that everything is packaged securely and make sure that there aren’t any shipping restrictions on items you’re planning to send. Some items might not travel as well as others, or could even cause harm if they’re shipped via air.

How will you be celebrating Father’s Day this year? How will you be making the most of your summer? Which of the above is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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