Special Delivery: 8 Gifts to Send for Mother’s Day

Special Delivery: 8 Gifts to Send for Mother’s Day

Whether you live far away or recent circumstances are keeping you home bound, it might take a little bit of extra creativity to celebrate the moms in your life this year. If you’re looking to give some gifts to the people you love on Mother’s Day, there are so many thoughtful and affordable ideas out there with delivery options.

To help inspire your shopping, here are eight gifts to send for Mother’s Day.

1. Send a handwritten note of thanks.

There’s nothing like a handwritten message, especially one that comes directly from the heart. Whether you’re writing to your own mother, or a friend or child of yours who is a mother, they’ll surely appreciate that you took the time to put your feelings of pride and gratitude into words! You can even include a little something extra, like a piece of artwork, a pressed flower or a gift card for a cup of coffee for more of a personal touch that’s still affordable.


2. Ship out their favorite sweet treats like chocolates or cookies.

If the mom in your life has a bit of a sweet tooth, why not send them a batch of their favorite sweet treat? There are many cookie and chocolate companies out there that can deliver directly to your gift recipient - all you need to do is enter their address and add a message so they know it’s from you! If you have the time and resources to bake your own sugary sweets, stir in the secret ingredient (LOVE, of course) and ship something from the heart.


3. Schedule flower delivery from a local florist.

Flowers nearly always manage to brighten up a gloomy day, and when you can’t be there to drop them off yourself, delivery is the next best thing. While there are very many online flower delivery companies, consider calling florists located near Mom to see if they have the ability to do a drop off.


4. Create a spa day gift basket filled with all their favorites.

If Mom can’t make it to the spa, bring the spa on over! You can choose to ship a gift basket that’s pre-assembled, or create your own:

  • Fuzzy Babba slippers for comfort (of course!)
  • bath bombs in a calming scent
  • a soothing candle
  • moisturizing lotion
  • face mask
  • nail polish in a fun color
  • a bottle of wine or box of tea


5. Plant a tree for the holiday in their name.

What better way to celebrate someone who created life than bringing more beautiful life to nature? If you want to try something a little different than a bouquet, a unique idea is to plant a tree in honor of Mom. You might be able to arrange for this at a local park, but there are also many online services that can support this through one of the major national parks.


6. Give a gift card or schedule drop off of their favorite meal.

If you aren’t able to fulfill your Mother’s Day brunch tradition, consider scheduling a drop off of their favorite meal from a local restaurant they love. You can even video chat together as though you were all together at the dinner table! A gift card is also another great option if you’re not sure when Mom will be around to accept a hot meal.


7. Personalize an everyday item like a mug or a T-shirt, in honor of the holiday.

This is a classic Mother’s Day gift idea for a reason. Whether you put your little one’s faces on a “We Love Grandma” T-shirt, or get a “Best Mom Ever” mug, the thoughtful sentiment is clear and always appreciated! There are several online companies that can personalize with initials and deliver directly to Mom.


8. Build a photo book with pictures of happy memories you share.

If Mom is far away and you don’t always get to see each other in person, a photo book is a very sweet way to help you both feel close to one another. Put together some of your personal favorites from the past year, or even go back into the archives with childhood photos or artwork for an extra sentimental touch.

Many Different Moms

Everyone celebrates Mother’s Day differently, and for some, it can be a sensitive time of year. Still, this holiday is sourced in gratitude and offers an opportunity to show those you love just how much you care about them, no matter who they are and how you know each other.

What are your favorite gifts to send for Mother’s Day? Do you normally send flowers? Tell us in the comments!

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