Sending Comfort: 15 Cozy Care Package Ideas

Sending Comfort: 15 Cozy Care Package Ideas

Whether you live far from your loved ones, or recent circumstances are keeping you homebound, it isn’t always easy to show how much you care when you aren’t able to stop by. That’s why care packages are such a special way to send love even if you can’t be there in person.

If you’re looking to send a little comfort to your friends and family, here are 15 cozy care package ideas to inspire you! From framed photos to fuzzy slipper socks, mix and match your favorites to create your own custom care package they’ll love.

1. Include a bag of coffee, some tea bags, or a gift card to their favorite local shop.

2. Package some non perishables with instructions for how to make a delicious homemade recipe - or make it extra easy with instant noodles or some microwaveable cans of comforting soup.

3. Assemble a collection of their favorite candies. Just make sure they’re types that won’t melt!

4. Send a couple packages of their favorite chewing gum so they always have some on hand.

5. For the sweets-love, ship over some cookies or other treats. If you really want to get crafty, make your own and add the most important ingredient - LOVE.

6. Help your loved ones enjoy a little R&R with a cozy care package filled with spa essentials like bath bombs, body scrub and lotion, nail polish for a DIY mani-pedi and a soothing face mask or two.

7. Treat them to a relaxing aromatherapy experience with a yummy-smelling candle or fragrance oil diffuser. Some stress-relieving scents are eucalyptus and lavender.

8. Pick out some fun coloring books and crayons or markers to get them started with a fun new hobby. A special journal in a sweet print is also a great pick!

9. There’s something so special about including a pair of hand-picked fuzzy slipper socks in a care package. Especially for people with sensitive feet, our stretchy pairs offer soothing comfort.

10. For an extra personal touch, add a framed photo that they can place somewhere special in their home.

11. Include a gift card for some music or movie downloads, so that they can choose their favorites.

12. Offer up some reading material with a curation of new books or magazines you think they’ll enjoy.

13. If they aren’t able to get to the store, package together some health essentials like cold medicine, tissues, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, cotton swabs, laundry pods, body wash and deodorant.

14. Pick out some fun games you know they’ll love, or stick to a collection of crowd favorites like puzzles and playing cards.

15. Include a sentimental, handwritten note. There’s nothing more personal than a special message from YOU!

When you’re exploring cozy care package ideas, be sure to check that everything is packaged securely and confirm that none of the items you’re planning on including have shipping restrictions! Certain items might not travel well, or could cause harm if shipped via air.

Have you ever sent a care package to a friend or family member? What are some of your best cozy care package ideas? Which of the above is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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