Self Care Tips to Fight the “Sunday Scaries”

Self Care Tips to Fight the “Sunday Scaries”

You know that little lump in your throat that settles in on Sunday nights as you start to think about going back to work or school on Monday? It’s a super common feeling, and a lot of people call it the “Sunday Scaries.” 

Even if you love your job or your school, there’s something so carefree and wonderful about cozy weekends at home that you might just start to dread getting back into the routine of the week.

Though you can’t make Monday go away entirely (sorry!), there are some ways you can ease into it. Find our favorite self care tips to fight the “Sunday Scaries” below.

Take a Long, Hot Shower

Slip into the shower and turn on the heat! Let the steam clear your sinuses while you take long, deep breaths in and out. Maybe even tie a bundle of eucalyptus around your shower head to enjoy some calming aromatherapy. *Snifffffff* *Ahhhh!*

Put on a Face Mask and Rest Your Eyes

Bring the spa to you! Rest cucumber slices over your eyes, and put on a face mask for 10-20 minutes of pure relaxation. If some areas of your face are dry, while others are oily, then you might want to try multi-masking: a new trend in skincare where you apply different masks to different parts of your face for a custom treatment.

Slip Into Fuzzy Slipper Socks

Nothing feels more like home than a cozy pair of fuzzy slipper socks! Slip into your favorite Fuzzy Babbas and snuggle up under your warmest blanket.

Call Someone You Love

Catch up with your girlfriends, or have a quick chat with mom. Hearing the voice of someone you care for might help you feel more at ease.

Start Silly Movie Sunday

They say laughter is good for the soul, and Sunday might not be the best time for a heavy, sad documentary. Why not ease into the evening with an old favorite that you know will make you smile? Dim the lights, put on your favorite funny movie, and get those giggles out! This could be your favorite new tradition!

Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite vino, if that's your thing! This luxurious treat will have you feeling warm and fuzzy all over.

Unplug as Bedtime Approaches

Try to close down your laptop and turn off your phone as it gets closer to bedtime. The blue light that these devices emit can affect your sleep, and you don’t want to be tossing and turning all Sunday night!

Read a Book in Bed

Snuggle up under the covers and crack open a good book. Whether you want to reread a novel you know and love, or start something entirely new, reading is a great, relaxing activity to help you ease off to bed.


What are your favorite self care tips for warding off the Sunday Scaries? Tell us in the comments!

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Silly movie Sunday is my favorite thing! My hubby and I do this just about every single weekend. I get really anxious on Sunday nights and a good movie that makes me belly laugh is just the perfect thing to help calm me down before the start of a new week!

Meg D.

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