How to Travel in Style and Comfort

How to Travel in Style and Comfort

If you’re not prepared, traveling can be tiring, exhausting, and downright uncomfortable! Long trips - especially on an airplane - have the potential to leave you feeling sick, dehydrated, and restless. But, please don’t worry! Before you cancel that flight, know that there are ways to make the journey just as wonderful as the destination.

Whether you’re on your way to a relaxing vacation, a visit with family, or a business trip, here are some tips for how to travel in style and comfort.


If you’re sitting in a car for long hours, rushing from terminal to terminal, or trying to finagle your suitcase into an Amtrak overhead bin, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is clothing that isn’t comfortable or practical!

Comfiness doesn’t mean frumpiness, and there are many ways you can feel stylish in your travel clothes.

Try these suggestions on for size:

  • A Soft T-shirt: When picking which shirt you should wear, consider a soft tee that’s loose fitting and well made. Lighter-weight material will hug your body jusssst right and help you to look neat and tidy, rather than like you’re wearing an undershirt out into the world.
  • A Lightweight Sweater/Jacket: Airplanes can get quite chilly, and you might not always agree on the car’s AC level, so it’s helpful to have an extra layer with you to put on in case you’re cold. Try cozying up in a loose sweater or lightweight jacket to feel more comfortable while in transit.
  • Leggings or Joggers: Athleisure has been a big trend in fashion, which means it’s quite easy to find great options for casual leggings and joggers that are comfy as well as super stylish. Opt for neutrals to stay classic or go bold in fun prints and patterns!
  • Comfortable Shoes: If you’ll be on the move, it’s important to wear shoes that will take you from place to place with ease. Sneakers are the obvious choice, but flats and sandals with arch support will help cushion your step.


No matter how long you’ll be traveling, bringing along items that put you at ease can help make the journey that much more enjoyable.

Here are some things you can pack to have at-home levels of comfort even while you’re on the road:

  • An Eye Mask: Whether you’re traveling all day or through the night, you’ll relax better if you’re able to block out the light. Bring along an  eye mask to nap easily - just please don’t wear one if you’re driving!
  • Earplugs/Headphones: You can’t always control your environment (or that cute, super noisy little one sitting behind you), but you can adapt to it! Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones will help you to stay focused or get some shut-eye if you need.
  • Cozy Slipper Socks: If you get skeeved walking through airport security in bare feet, pack a pair of  cozy slipper socks for a layer of protection and comfort. Once you’re in your seat, whether that’s on a plane or in a car or on a train or anywhere, swapping your shoes for a pair of  cute and cozy slipper socks can make your space feel (kind of) like home.
  • A Neck Pillow: There’s nothing like arriving at your destination with a cricked neck - ouchie! A travel pillow will let you rest more easily and hopefully help you to avoid the discomfort that comes from lack of support.
  • Yummy Snacks: If you’re trying to avoid too many pit-stops, packing some nourishing snacks will help you to stay alert and sustained throughout a long trip! Mixed nuts, sandwiches, fruit, and yogurt cups all travel quite well and keep you full.
  • A Blanket or Scarf: Whether it’s cold outside or not, to add some comfort and warmth to your journey, consider bringing along a blanket or  cozy scarf.


A long trip can leave even the most patient of us feeling restless, but there are many ways you can pass the time:

  • Read a Good Book: Carry along  that new page-turner you’ve been saving for a rainy day - you’ll have plenty of time to read it when you’re in transit!
  • Take a Long Nap: When was the last time you had a nice, long nap? If you’re traveling on alone, or with people who don’t need constant care, savor this moment and get some well-deserved shut-eye.
  • Play a Card Game: A deck of cards is compact, and if you have a flat surface or a lap, you can easily play! Solitaire is great for solo travels, and there are so many different games that can be played if you’re with a group. Plus, there are so many  family-friendly card games you can teach the kids!
  • Listen to that Playlist: Pre-load a playlist of all your favorite, or  find one that’s already created to help you relax and unwind whether you’re in the air, on land or sea.
  • Look out the Window: Traveling gives you opportunities to experience new (or favorite) places, so why not look outside and watch as your surroundings transform around you? There are beautiful sights to see throughout your journey!


There are so many tips for how to travel in style and comfort; if you take some time to prepare, your trip can be relaxing and fun instead of chaotic and upsetting!

How do you travel in style and comfort? Tell us in the comments!

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