Eight of the Best Slippers to Gift Healthcare Workers

Eight of the Best Slippers to Gift Healthcare Workers

After a long day on your feet at work helping other people, you might need some self care. Slipper socks can be a perfect cozy part of this routine. 


As National Healthcare Workers Week comes to an end, we wanted to share some of the slippers healthcare workers at the Advanced Internal Medicine Group chose from our donation. For the styles that are now out of stock, we’ll share some alternative options!  




1. Adult’s SpongeBob Long Slipper Socks with Gripper Bottoms 

Show off your surprise with these adorable slipper socks featuring SpongeBob and Patrick.  These slipper socks let you or your favorite nurse say “I can’t even” after a long day.  They’re warm and plush, washable, and they have non-slip grippers. They’ll help you keep your feet firmly on the ground and out of the hospital until your next shift!  




2. Adult Snoopy Slipper Socks with Gripper Bottoms 

Space out after a long day with these adorable Peanuts slipper socks. The plush outer features Snoopy and Woodstock floating through outer space. The fluffy babba inner will make your favorite doctor feel like they’re floating in comfort as well while gripper bottoms will keep them from taking flight!




3. Women’s Out of Office Slipper Slides 

Instead of the Santa Slipper Socks, gift a healthcare worker these adorably in-season out of office slides. Whether they’re only out of office for the evening or out of office for a weekend or vacation, these will bring some comfort and distance from the dedicated work of caring for others. They have a band on the back to keep these adorable slippers from sliding off and non-slip grippers to keep feet from sliding too!




4. Women’s Lion Dreamy Babba Slipper Socks with Gripper Bottoms 

These special slipper socks will let anyone feel fierce! They’re a special dreamy babba style with a 3D lion’s face on the toes and an attached fuzzy slipper portion. While the Original Fuzzy Babba is one piece, this is two attached pieces. The dreamy babba features so many comforting textures that you’ll want to fall asleep quickly. 




5. Women’s Cat Dreamy Babba Slipper Socks with Gripper Bottoms 

Much like the Lion Dreamy Babba slipper socks, these have a similar style with a smaller cat! If the healthcare worker you’re gifting these to is more into cute kitten memes and mlems, these are the way to go! The 3D details and small tongue pointing out is an adorable addition. When you wear these, you’ll want to cozy up and take a cat nap asap!




6. Men’s Mario Slipper Socks with Gripper Bottoms 

These adorable cozy slipper socks will make you want to jump for joy, or for coins! After a long day in the hospital, start your evening with some fun gaming and cozy slippers. These slippers feature an awesome pull tab on the heel for easy wearing. While some may choose to wear them with socks, the babba inner is so soft for bare feet and it’s machine washable so you can wear them again and again without worrying about spills!




7. Women’s Lightweight Butterfly Embossed Fuzzy Babba 

These lightweight slipper socks are perfect for spring but cozy enough to be worn year round. They’re the perfect choice for a healthcare worker that needs a little whimsy in their day. The cloudy butterflies and delicate purple bow bring a hint of magic to any stressful day!  



8. Women’s Minnie Mouse Slipper Socks with Gripper Bottoms 

Add some bright cheer and a smile to your favorite hospital staff member’s day with these fun Minnie Mouse Slipper Socks! The plush outer features squares of purple, pink, yellow, and teal. Each square has Minnie Mouse making a different silly happy face. The cozy babba inner adds some comfort to the fun. Non-slip grippers help keep them grounded safely.

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