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Best Slippers for a Hospital Stay

Sometimes a hospital stay is unavoidable. Maybe you’ve just given birth to a beautiful little baby, or you’re recovering from a complicated surgery. Maybe you make frequent visits to the hospital due to a health condition, or you’re still healing after an accident. No matter what the reason, it’s not always easy to feel comfortable when you’re staying in a cold, clinical hospital bed!

Even though it’s up to the doctors and nurses to take care of you, little things - like a good book or a cozy pair of slipper socks - can help make your hospital room feel a bit more like home.

Whether you’re preparing yourself, or thinking about a loved one, here are some of our choices for the best slippers for a hospital stay.

Slipper Socks with Gripper Bottoms

Slipper socks with gripper bottoms to keep you from slipping.

While hospitals are amazing places where people are healed and lives are saved, the bright lights and cold floors are a ways away from the comfort of our own homes. Instead of wearing rough hospital-issued socks, swap them out for a much cozier pair of slipper socks with non-slip grippers. This burgundy pair will not only help your feet stay warm, but it’ll also keep you from sliding around on the hard floors. 

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(Did you know, all of Fuzzy Babba’s soft slippers and slipper socks have Safety Dots®, our trademarked non-slip grippers?)

Sequin Slipper Socks

A jazzy sequin pair of slippers to bring just the right amount of glam.

A hospital stay doesn’t always give you the opportunity to get as dressed up as you might like - but a pair of slipper socks with snazzy reversible sequins offers a fun way to bring a little sparkle and personality to your look. This rose gold pair is elegant, cozy and playful all at once.


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Sassy Slipper Socks with Sherpa Lining

Sassy slipper socks that keep your legs warm and cozy.

For those with a sense of humor and who are always extra cold in a hospital setting, a full-coverage pair of cozy slipper socks with a secret message would be perfect. This pair covers your legs and your calves, and has bottom grippers that read “Do Not Disturb.” After all, the last thing you want is to be disturbed when you’re resting!


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Wellness Slipper Socks with Blue Bow

Wellness-inspired slipper socks to encourage healing thoughts.

Slipper socks made with touchably soft materials and sweet details (like a big, bright bow) are a perfect choice for anyone who could use a little extra comfort and healing. The styles from our wellness collection were all inspired by hygge and the notion of self-care, and this special blue style is no exception.


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Piggy Dreamy Babba Slipper Sock

A cute critter style to make you smile.

Whether it’s a happy or scary life event that brought you or your loved one to the hospital, this cute little piggy style is bound to inspire a smile. With an extra plush outer and super squishy inner, it’s the ultimate in cushiony comfort.


Shop the Style Comfort and Love Breast Cancer Awareness Slipper Socks

A pair of slippers that supports breast cancer charities.

Did you know that one in eight U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime? If you or a loved one are experiencing a hospital stay due to treatment for breast cancer, you might opt for a style that gives back. The Comfort and Love Breast Cancer Awareness Slipper Sock and the Comfort and Love Sequin Slipper Sock both give back to The Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA), an organization that is deeply committed to delivering the integrated cancer care message to the women of America.


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Pink Mule Slipper Socks

Easy-to-wear mules for tired feet.

Mules are a great option when you’re looking for a slip-on style that is easy to take on and off, especially if you are feeling extra tired or if bending is difficult. This pair has a squishy foam bottom and non-slip grippers for added safety and comfort.


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At Fuzzy Babba, we’re proud to offer all types of comforting slipper socks that help keep your spirits up during all kinds of moments in your life. Even if they don’t have healing powers, they can help make a hospital stay a little more comfortable.

What do you think are the best slippers for a hospital stay?

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