6 of the Best Summer Slippers for Women

6 of the Best Summer Slippers for Women

While some people are all about the warmth of the summer sunshine, there’s something so nice about staying inside and escaping the discomfort of the most hazy, hot and humid days of the year.

If you’re looking for a pair of cozy slippers to wear in the summertime that won’t leave you sticky and sweaty, you’re in the right place!

Read on for six of the best summer slippers for women, chosen by your friends at Fuzzy Babba.

 Women's Teal Gingham Slipper Socks

1. Women’s Teal Gingham Slipper Socks

If you’re dreaming of a picnic in the park, but would rather stay cozy at home instead, these bright and adorable slipper socks are the perfect compromise! The picnic-inspired print is cheerful and fun, and the lightweight material keeps you comfortable even during the summer.

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 Kitty Cat Teacup Slipper Socks

 2. Women's Lightweight Teacup Cat Slipper Socks

Is there anything cuter than teeny kitty cats sitting in teacups? Probably this pair of slipper socks featuring the cuddliest pattern! The pastel colors on this lightweight style match with any of your cozy clothes but are bright enough to remind you of the sunshine.

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 Women's Lightweight Striped Slipper Sock

3. Women's Lightweight Striped Slipper Socks

The pink bow on this sassy style offers just the right punch of color for a summer afternoon. The black and white striped pattern goes with just about anything.

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 Women's Lightweight Slipper Sock with Peach Puff

4. Women's Lightweight Slipper Sock with Peach Puff

Nothing says summertime quite like a fresh, juicy peach! This sweet slipper sock style is inspired by one of the yummiest snacks of the season, and is such a treat for your feet.

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 Women's Lightweight Hot Pink Slipper Socks

5. Women's Lightweight Hot Pink Slipper Socks

This pair of summer slippers is a stylish choice for those who favor the bold and bright! Wearing this style is like enjoying the sparkle of the sunset right from the comfort of your home.

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 Women’s Teal Tie Dye Slipper Socks

6. Women’s Teal Tie Dye Slipper Socks

Today’s tie dye isn’t like the T-shirts the kids made at summer camp! This teal color combo is grown-up and stylish while still being playful and tons of fun.

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Which of these picks are your favorite? What are the best summer slippers for women that you’ve found? Tell us in the comments!

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