13 Cute Easter Gift Ideas

13 Cute Easter Gift Ideas

Easter baskets filled with holiday treats make such fun gifts for all the people you love, from the little ones who can’t wait for the Easter Bunny’s arrival to the adults who’ll never be too old for a special surprise.

From crayons and coloring books to bunny slipper socks, here are 13 cute Easter gift ideas to inspire your shopping this year.




1. An Easter themed book.

There’s nothing better than a gift that inspires learning! There are many different Easter books available for children; depending on how observant you are of the holiday, you can choose a kids’ Easter book that educates on religious themes or a few that feature their favorite cartoon characters.


2. Festive sticker sets featuring carrots, bunnies and flowers.

Stickers allow kids of all ages to get creative, without making too much of a mess! A set that’s inspired by bunnies and springtime makes a relevant (and affordable) Easter basket addition.


3. A few bottles of nail polish in bright, punchy colors.

For kids who are old enough to paint their nails (or get a little salon service from mom), nail polish is a super exciting gift to receive. Pick their favorite color, or a few spring-inspired shades, and maybe even include some nail stickers or glitter accents for an extra sparkly touch.


4. Coloring books and pastel crayons.

There are so many different varieties of coloring books out there, including springtime scenes that are perfect for Easter. Pastel crayons will give them the chance to bring out their inner artist in a set of colors they might have never used before.


5. A jar of squishy, gooey, sooooooothing, slime.

Slime is a crowd pleasing favorite for kids of all ages. Playing with slime can help little ones build their fine motor skills while having tons of fun. There are endless colors and kinds of slime - and you can even get a DIY slime kit instead!




6. A bottle of their favorite vino to help them “wine” down.

There’s always a good reason for gifting someone a bottle of happiness, er, wine. Package it in a little curly bow or paper “bunny ears” for a festive touch they’ll love. If you don’t know their favorite kind of wine, don’t forget that you can always ask your local wine store for advice.


7. Bunny-themed home decor items that are both cute and functional.

Serial hosts and introverts alike will appreciate a festive piece of home decor! Whether it’s an adorable salt and pepper shaker set, a ring holder or set of dish towels, bunny-themed decor isn’t just for Easter; in fact, it can be loved all season long!


8. Cookie cutters with springtime shapes.

If you’re gifting someone who loves to bake, why not get them a set of cookie cutters that they can use to inspire their decorating? Look for sets with festive shapes like eggs, bunnies, carrots, birds and flowers. Not only are they perfect for the holiday, but they’ll also make a great addition to any springtime get-together.


9. Hair scrunchies in pastel colors.

How wonderful it is that hair scrunchies haven’t been left in the 90s! They’re the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and the cute bow knot styles even kind of look a liiiiittttle bit like bunny ears.




10. Sweet treats inspired by the holiday.

When it comes to cute Easter gift ideas, you really can’t go wrong with candy! This is the biggest (and in some cases, only) time of the year for Easter-themed treats. From Cadbury Eggs, to Peeps, to chocolate bunnies, to Robin Eggs and more, there are so many seasonal options that would add a tasty touch to anyone’s Easter basket.


11. Fizzy bath bombs to kick start a spa day.

Spa day essentials are always a great gift, and fizzy bath bombs are a luxurious option that won’t break the bank. Choose a different color and fragrance for each basket (rainbow sparkles for the unicorn-loving kid, a calming lavender-eucalyptus blend for the hard worker, etc.) and just wait for the grateful smiles.


12. Fun, and super relaxing, “squishy” toys.

Squishy toys - those fun little stress balls that come in endless shapes and designs - are such a joy to play with, and make totally crowd-pleasing additions to their Easter baskets. People of all ages will love that you gave them a gift that’s not only super cute, but also offers comforting relief.


13. A pair of cute and cozy bunny slipper socks.

While cozy slipper socks make great gifts for any time, they’re especially adorable for Easter! Bunny styles are so appropriate for the holiday, but can truly be enjoyed all year long.



Now that Easter’s on its way (see what we did there?), there’s really no better time to start exploring cute Easter gift ideas. From festive sticker sets to adorable bunny slipper socks, your loved ones will be jumping for joy at their sweet and special surprise on Easter morning!


Did these cute Easter gift ideas make you smile? Will you add any to your shopping list? Do you prepare Easter baskets for the holiday? Tell us in the comments!


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